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CommunesPlone in France

by atreal last modified 2007-01-02 18:28

CommunesPlone is a project whose goal is to create a city-oriented version of Plone.

CommunesPlone in France


Several Belgian local governments (Communes) are collaborating on a solution that will provide mutual benefit. In doing so, they aim to gain independence from IT service providers by developing, essentially by themselves and in a cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for their citizens.

Several Plone components providing city-oriented services  are now open source and available to any local government.

Plone and CommunesPlone in France

Plone is already well known by the French administration. They find in CommunesPlone an approach that meets their needs.

Since CommunesPlone was introduced into France, several cities were attracted by the approach and are about to join the project. They  will use the services of companies as atReal collectivités and BubbleNet to provide training, support and resources.

Interestingly, some free software developers are willing to adapt their existing solutions dedicated to cities into the Plone environment. Several projects have an interest in joining the CommunesPlone approach  For example, openMairie developers are building a bridge between CommunesPlone and openMairie. All openMairie applications (more than 10 existing packages for cities) will be smoothly integrated with CommunesPlone.

Benefits for cities

CommunesPlone has been a great success in Belgium. Cities involved have received better than expected returns. A number of local companies were involved provision of new components, services and support.