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rue Victor Horta 18/202
B-1348 - Louvain-la-neuve
+32 10 45 99 01
BubbleNet offers consulting, development and training services around Plone, Zope and Python. BubbleNet works in collaboration with other companies of the Plone and Zope communities. BubbleNet is one of the Zope pioneers in Belgium : we have worked with it since 1999 and are actively participating to the community development since 2002.
City of Sambreville
The city of Sambreville uses Plone for its website since three years. The city counts 50 000 inhabitants, it is one of the biggest medium-sized cities in french-speaking Belgium. The work was focused on the extension of Plone usage to city-specific management applications only accessible by the city collaborators. Some aspects of those applications will be made available to the inhabitants in later phases.
Kinetic Style Sheets (KSS)
KSS is a framework for developers, developed in an open source project. It enables to create AJAX without Javascript.