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City of Sambreville

The city of Sambreville uses Plone for its website since three years. The city counts 50 000 inhabitants, it is one of the biggest medium-sized cities in french-speaking Belgium. The work was focused on the extension of Plone usage to city-specific management applications only accessible by the city collaborators. Some aspects of those applications will be made available to the inhabitants in later phases.

The city of Sambreville needed a platform to develop workflow-based applications for the city management. Having used Plone as their website tool since a few years, they could find out that Plone as a platform would fit their needs.

They decided they wanted to keep hold on the applications they would produce : BubbleNet was asked to coach their developers while creating a first application. This application (not available to the public) is in production since June 2005.

BubbleNet proposed most practices of the Plone community as a base of work method : source code management, code generation from UML modelling, testing... Most of those techniques were known by the developer but had never been put in practice.

Simultaneously, they decided they wanted to promote the technology to other cities in order to share the development load and costs with other organizations in the same field. CommunesPlone was born in June 2005. One year after, CommunesPlone is a network of a dozen cities that have begun to share training and development around Plone city applications.