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Azitaingo Industrialdea 3K
E-20600 - EIBAR
+34 943 82 17 80

CodeSyntax is a Zope company located in the Basque Country, Spain. It was founded in 2000 and actually we employ 12 people. Speciality is Corporate sites, Intranet applications, CMSs using Free Software mainly on Python and Zope technologies.

CodeSyntax has extensive experience in content management, Zope is our platform of choice to create collaborative news websites, community websites, corporate portals and intranets, and, particularly, designing and managing multilingual websites and localizing applications in different languages. Also, CodeSyntax does IT-consulting, project management, application development and application service providing. CodeSyntax also is specialized in devising and maintaining websites running in several languages, a clear need in multilingual regions such as the Basque Country, the home base of CodeSyntax.

CodeSyntax also provides globalization consultancy to companies that need expert advice in order to compete globally or launch multilingual websites. CodeSyntax offers formation for customers, as a complement of the website development. We also offer specific formation on Zope and Python, Internet Strategy, Usability, Localization and Internationalization (l10n, i18n) and development and management of multilingual websites. Main projects of CodeSyntax are: Websites for the public administration, Educational projects, Corporate websites, Media and weblogs, R+D projects.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea
Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a well known university in north Spain.
Tourism website for the Debabarrena region, with news, events guide, accommodations and restaurant guide, most content edited in 4 languages.
Social mapping website. Users can enter their personal points of interests, tagging and describing them. Tagged points combined with other users points create new user maps.
Local government site, with full content management, public contracts publication, local street maps and newsletters. PloneGov inplementation in UdalPlone flavour.
Regional Development Observatory for the Basque Government.