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Montevideo 728 PB, Barrio Observatorio
X5000AXJ - C√≥rdoba
+54 9 351 346 7833

Except works hard to be a responsible, sustainable, Free Software consulting and development shop working out of Argentina.

We aim to satisfy the needs of those who require a system or application that is stable, robust, well structured, usable, and custom-built. This is possible using Free Software, because we reuse tools that have proven both trustworthy and ready to use, enabling us to develop applications that retain their value over time.

In Except we know that developing software has social consequences, and that Free Software is the only way to build software that promotes the sustainable growth of our community.

We have developed custom applications, including desktop, web-based, and distributed applications, in Zope, Plone, Twisted, as well as plain Python and Eiffel. We have customized Plone for a variety of sites, in some cases pretty heavily. We have integrated mapping and GIS interfaces into existing applications done in zope and plone.

ifPeople delivers Custom Software, Web Sites, and Consulting to mission-driven enterprises leading the transition to a more just, sustainable world. We are passionate about our role in contributing to effective online collaboration and communication that adds value to your work. ifPeople also strives towards sustainability in our business model, from climate responsibility to FairSource (fair trade software fostering responsible entrepreneurship).
Caroteno is a budget Plone hosting service aimed at small NGOs, startup Plone shops, starving hackers, and other people and organizations similarly constrained. Currently it is in a by-invitation-only beta trial period.