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Puskin u. 19
1088 - Budapest
+36 30 230 2734
+36 1 266 2848

Greenfinity, LLC. is a dynamic web developer and consultant company operating in Budapest, Hungary (Europe). The company was founded in 2005. Our activities include the creation of Plone CMF sites and Pyramid based internet and intranet web applications, development of custom addon products, consultancy and training. We focus strongly on Python based server technologies, and also excel in advanced web2 UI design and javascript based custom component development. Greenfinity also organized the annual world Plone Conference that was held in Budapest in 2009.

BlogAds is a website that supports the workflow of an online blog advertisment agency. The website allows ad commerce between bloggers and advertisers, and helps building a blogger community. It is a site with a simple layout, little content and a lot of business logic. It is implemented in Plone.
Friends of the earth (Milieudefensie)
Friends of the Earth Netherlands is a dutch NGO which is focused on environmental issues.
Minaraad is a Belgian advisory counsil of the Flemish Government for environmental issues.
The Daily Reel
The Daily Reel is a film community website with a strong emphasis on uploading and sharing video material, organizing community, discussions and exchange of information.
Kinetic Style Sheets (KSS)
KSS is a framework for developers, developed in an open source project. It enables to create AJAX without Javascript.