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BlogAds is a website that supports the workflow of an online blog advertisment agency. The website allows ad commerce between bloggers and advertisers, and helps building a blogger community. It is a site with a simple layout, little content and a lot of business logic. It is implemented in Plone.

Pressflex contacted us in 2005 asking consultancy for their existing BlogAds website. BlogAds is a web advertisment system similar to Google AdSense, but it is only limited to blogs and has a different philosophy behind. The old site was implemented in Zope, but being the result of an iterative development process carried out by Pressflex's own developers, it appeared to suffer from serious performance problems and was rather inextensible.

While fixing the most critical bugs in the old system, we also made an analysis study and proposed to reimplement the site, this time with Plone. Pressflex has accepted this solution and together we designed a lot of new functionality to satisfy their business needs. The application contains complex Archetypes extensions with Javascript, and tools that handle various parts of the business logic. During the work Greenfinity was doing both implementation and provided training of the programmers of Pressflex, who were also doing implementation of other parts themselves. We also gave consultancy for migrating data from the old system..

The new website contains all of the functionality planned by Pressflex. The new architecture has proven its  high  extensibility: new functionality has been continously added to the website according to the new ideas.