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Plone: major Argentinean University launches its new institutional portal.

by menttes last modified 2009-06-30 11:06

The National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentina, recently launched its new institutional website built on Plone 3, the open source content management system. This project results from a close collaboration between the University development team with the support and assistance from menttes, a local Zea network member business.

This achievement is strategical for all parties. Zea Partners strongly believe that the open source community at large benefits from a deeper involvement of the academic world. Such collaboration results in a broader technology adoption worldwide and supports the technology ongoing development. This type of project is also a long-term investment for companies involved in Plone development.

The National University of Cordoba (UNC), is the oldest University of Argentina and one of the first in the American continent. It has a long history, full of rich events that turned it into one of the most important center of influence in South America.

The University origins goes back to the first quarter of the seventeenth century, when the Jesuits created the Colegio Maximo where the students, especially those from this religious order, had philosophy and theology classes. Since then, the University impact on civil society has been steadily growing broadening from the traditional fields of culture and sciences to politics and social.

Today, the University has a wide academic offer, including degree courses, postgraduate courses, high schools, research centers, … Bringing together nearly 100 000 students and supported by over 10 000 thousand people including teachers and scientific, administrative and technical staff.

The new University portal is completely developed in Plone 3 and menttes participated in the project in the following stages:

  • Training and coaching the University development team.
  • Requirements and planning research.
  • Mentoring and development of specific tasks.
  • Advanced Consulting and general advice.

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