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Plone Cono Sur

Menttes has a strong commitment with the Open Source Community. Roberto Allende from Menttes is one of the group founder's and most people working at Menttes are active members of the Plone Cono Sur user group. The goal of Plone Cono Sur is to provide information and organize events for Plone Users from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Alexander Limi, Xavier Heymans and Roberto Allende founded Plone Cono Sur in January 2007. During 2006 and 2007 the current user group members traveled to most Free Software Events of Argentina and Brazil featuring Plone. In June 2007, 6 months after its launch, Plone Cono Sur is one of the most active regional Plone user group. It has translated to Spanish many tutorials from which are now available online.