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Zea Partners at the Flossworld workshop in Buenos Aires

by menttes last modified 2007-01-31 15:29

Experts representing the open source community, government, businesses, researchers and higher education institutes met in Buenos Aires to study argentinian and regional FLOSS impact.

The second regional FLOSSWorld workshop was held at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, between November 30th and December 1st 2006, in Buenos Aires. The object of this conference was to:

  • Analyze results from the survey carried out among members of the community since the last workshop.
  • Study conclusions and proposals from last workshop
  • Work on policy proposals to improve integration between regional and local actors.
  • Identify regional and international integration opportunities.
  • Draft recommendations to be considered by international partners.

The workshop counted with the presence of members of the Argentine, Brazilian and Spanish government, representatives of educational organizations, NGOs and local businesses.  Both Argentinan Zea Partners, Except and Menttes were represented during the workshop.

The variety of organizations that assisted created a very  interdisciplinary debate, which resulted in both a great challenge and a great learning opportunity.  There were assistants of many areas involved with FLOSS, both from the user and the implementer point of view.  The interchange of ideas was quite enriching, and it was a very good opportunity to acquaint members of other sectors and their approaches to common problems.