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Python Shows Continual Growth in Open Source Projects

by Netsight Internet Solutions last modified 2009-01-14 11:59

Python is a mature, flexible language that allows developers to concentrate on business solutions rather than technology problems, and has shown continual growth over the past decade.

Python's emphasis on code readability and programmer efficiency have led to its use in a wide range of applications. As well as web technologies (Zope, Django and Pylons) and content management systems (Plone and Silva), Python can be found in such diverse places as film studios (Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Disney, Pixar), Internet search engines (Google, Infoseek), and scientific computing (NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Fermi).

Python is particularly dominant in the area of Open Source web frameworks. The Python-based Plone CMS won the Packt Publishing Award 2008 for 'Best Other Open Source CMS', a category for content management systems not based on PHP - beating out systems based on more 'mainstream' technologies such as Java and .NET.

But if PHP gets its own category, surely PHP must be the dominant technology - the natural choice for new development? Statistics gathered by (a site which tracks the change activity in Open Source projects) tell a different story, putting Python on a similar level as PHP, with Ruby and Perl showing significantly less activity:


Ohloh also allows you to look at the monthly commits as a percentage of the total, which shows whilst PHP may have remained steady for the past 4 years, Python has a several point growth with Perl in slight decline:

Matt Hamilton, Technical Director of Netsight Internet Solutions, a ZEA Partners company in the UK, explained the business benefits of Python:

"Python is such an easy language to learn and to read.  From picking it up, programmers can be productive in a very short time.  There is a single coding style, making it much easier to work with teams of programmers from different organisations. Being an interpreted language, very rapid changes can be made -- ideal for the faced paced, iterative nature of web development."

Python technologies can bring significant benefit to your business. In the current challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever for your business to be able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances - and your IT systems and web sites need to support this rapid pace of change. Python lets your development team focus on business solutions rather than technology problems, and is an ideal foundation on which to build for the future.