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Warwickshire Police Force

Document and Content Management System and public Website for Warwickshire Police.

Netsight were selected to develop a Document and Content Management System and public Website for Warwickshire Police. Working closely with their publications department and their e-communications officer, Netsight have built a system that helps them meet their obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The system is based on Plone, an open source content management and workflow system that requires no licensing fees. The workflow system is tailored to the client's requirements, with extensions to allow the editing and resubmission for approval of documents, web pages, images, FAQs, Press Releases, job adverts and feedback forms.

Warwickshire Police are using the system to store all of their information that must be publicly available under the approved publication scheme. The information is tagged with metadata, approved by reviewers and is delivered using the integrated websites.

Netsight have adapted the existing graphic elements of the public website to integrate with the new CMS, and provided design and usability consulting where necessary. For maximum accessibility, the sites are built using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and no client side scripting. This provides the added benefit that the information on the site can be effectively deployed on a variety of devices such as Internet-connected mobile phones, PDAs, and public Internet kiosks.

Secure portals for special interest groups such as Neighbourhood Watch and Special Constables are also included.

In addition to the development of the software, Netsight are providing a full hosting, backup and maintenance service.

Warwickshire Police Force