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World Plone Day Malta

by Netsight Internet Solutions last modified 2009-06-08 14:32

The 2009 World Plone Day event in Malta took place at the end of March at The Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. The conference was one of many events held around the globe to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the Plone community and latest technological developments from the content management system.

The event, organised by 2i saw leading Maltese Government officials speaking about Open Source software as an alternative to proprietary software and the advantages and benefits of using Plone as a Content Management System within Government organisations.

The first of it's kind in Malta, the conference focused specifically towards the public sector. Delegates were addressed by representatives from the Government Enterprise Architecture Unit and the Government Quality Assurance Unit. As it stands every single Government IT project in Malta must pass through both of these units.

The event attracted many high level figures from the Maltese Government and saw the opening address given by Claudio Grech the chairman of MITA - The Malta Information Technology Agency and the prime agency appointed by the Government to implement ICT on it's behalf. There was also a representative from the Plone Foundation Board Mr Matt Hamilton.

With Malta's world Plone day event focussed on raising the awareness of Open Source and in particular Plone, Matt Hamilton presented two talks. The first, a case study of a project within the UK Public Sector, Kent Connects; the second on the Plone community – one of the greatest strengths of Plone.

It was particularly interesting and reassuring for the attendees at the event to be made aware of the significant level of support that is available when adopting Plone as a content management system. With over 300 development companies around the world and hundreds of developers contributing to enhancing the software all the time there is little evidence to back up the argument that all Open Source software is either totally unsupported or badly done so.

On the whole as Malta has such a Microsoft-centric environment within the majority of it's organisations, it was a real eye opener to see Plone being adapted alongside and integrated with such software, even more so by the fact the National Government has done so.

The strength and support for Plone and it's community was strongly highlighted throughout this conference. With the economic climate in the UK now forcing organisations to re-evaluate budgets and start accounting for every penny, Open Source Software and Plone will surely now be viewed as an equal - if not a substantially more flexible, cost effective way of building intricate web based systems without restriction.

The conference in Malta having been a huge success in both the promotion and recognition of Plone and Open Source has encouraged many attendees to continue it's support for future Plone developments and future events such as this one.