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Health Atlas Ireland

Health Atlas Ireland is an open source application developed to bring health related datasets, statistical tools and GIS together in a web environment to add value to existing health data. The application is part of the PloneGov project, an international Plone and Zope based e-government collaborative initiative.
Health Atlas Ireland enables controlled access to maps, date and analyzes for service planning and delivery, major incident response, epidemiology and research to improve the health of patients and the population. Health Atlas Ireland is built upon open source software allowing it to capitalize on worldwide expertise without software licensing cost. Web access to powerful statistical, geographical and database components provide a cost-effective solution to health intelligence. It is easy to show on tables or maps as numbers, colors or symbolization demographic patterns; hospital activity; service locations and catchment areas; and health patterns. GeoDirectory is embedded so addresses can be pin pointed on a map. Drug prescribing, financial and human resources, disease registers, source allocation, quality of care, travel times/distances, and environmental data will be added together with a public view.
Health Atlas Ireland