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Pilot Systems

9 rue Desargues
75011 - Paris
+33 1 44 53 05 55

Pilot Systems is a consulting company which provides integration, customization, and support services on open source and free software. We also offer hosting and training. Our customer includes mostly French companies (SMB, Fortune 500), Public Administrations and NGOs. We are located in Paris, France, with co-workers in Rennes and Lyon.

While our competences span a wide range of open source softwares and technologies, we are specialized in Python, Zope and Plone.

Pilot Systems care about company networks: we are a founding member of the FNILL, the Fédération Nationale de l'Industrie du Logiciel Libre (the new name for the ASSLL, the French Association of Open Source Software Companies). David Sapiro, founder of Pilot Systems, is also the chairman of IBM Open Source GuideShare Group, which aims to share the understanding and promote Linux and Open Source toward big users of IBM architectures. Most of the staff of Pilot Systems is also member of the Plone Foundation (naturally).

Pilot Systems uses Open Source and Free Software and contributes back by:

  • releasing code. We have released several products for Plone: CMFNotification (mail notification), StagingAddOn (versioning and staging), PloneGazette (newsletter), PloneMultiSync (synchonization of sites, multi-site publishing), etc.
  • providing free hosting for Zope, Plone, Silva and Zwook sites with Objectis. More than 16.000 sites have been hosted since november 2003. is available in 8 languages. Objectis is also the deployment tool of choice of the PloneGov initiative;
  • writing documentation in French, such as: release of our Plone Integration Course Training Manual in PDF under CC by-nc-nd license, first content management and Plone integration book in French, under GFDL License (published next September);
  • sponsoring the development of open source softwares and conferences; we are sponsoring the '07 Plone Conference in Naples for example.

A list of references is provided below, additional customers include: Airbus; the World Bank; Bull; CAF, the regional offices of the French Social Secury system; Centre National de la Danse, the public institution about dance in France; Crédit Municipal de Paris; Daikin Airconditioning; Educastream, e-learning provider; Fournier Pharma, now Solvay; International Trade Center; cities of Pantin, Saint-Germain en Laye and Sevran (cities near Paris); Ministries of Defense, Education and Finance; Optimitel.

EADS Astrium
Number 1 in Europe and no. 3 worldwide, Astrium employs 12,000 men and women in five countries: France, Germany, the UK, Spain and the Netherlands. Its experience extends across all sectors of the space business – launch vehicles, manned space activities and satellite systems and related services.
DGCP - Direction Générale de la Comptabilité Publique
The DGCP is a branch of the French Ministry of Finance.
ENA - École Nationale d'Administration
Well known in France, ENA is a unique french school which train high level officials which will be public decision-makers for french administration.
CMP-Banque online banking
One of France's oldest and most respectable banks and auction houses.
Générale de Protection
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