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Ambientarsi è naturale

A participated encyclopedia of city's green areas.
City parks are containers of stories, and also places where people meet nature. People of every age talk, practice sports, play or simply relax. Parks are backgrounds for life experiences, as well as opportunities for dialogue and observation. The City of Reggio Emilia decided to give voice and images to this aspect of city parks, issuing a new guide and a new website, "Ambientarsi è naturale” (with a play on words on the term "Environment" not easily translated in English, something like "It's natural to familiarize with one's surroundings"), where anyone may autonomously post the stories and the faces of those who actually make the parks alive. The site is rich in practical information, but also in words and pictures collected among those who love to hang out there: a sort of participated encyclopedia of city's green areas.
Ambientarsi è naturale