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PloneGov in Italy: already reaping in 2009 what we sow in 2008

by Red Turtle last modified 2009-03-11 17:46

ANCITEL, the institutional IT network and service provider for more than 7000 Italian Communes, expressed its interest in evaluating the implications of getting involved in the dissemination in Italy of CommunesPlone - presently being ported in an Italian language, Italian accessibility regulations-compliant version. Even though preliminary, this opening to an in-depth examination of CommunesPlone potential seems promising, as long as ANCITEL, under the direct control of ANCI, the association of more than 7000 of Italian Communes, serves 90% of the Italian population.

All the four Italian ZEA members have been extremely active in supporting PloneGov:

  • Abstract Open Solutions S.r.l.
  • Noze S.r.l.
  • Reflab S.r.l.
  • RedTurtle Technology S.r.l.

Taking advantage of their very good interrelation, have invested in PloneGov as a marketing tool, and in 2008 have collectively managed all the activities related to PloneGov promotion, co-financing a dedicated Italian Plone Launch event, relating about PloneGov in nationwide events like ForumPA and EISCO Conference, and sharing the expenditure of a very successful stand at Com-PA, where about 100 useful contacts where collected. Furthermore, the Italian ZEA members have begun porting CommunesPlone in a Plone 3, Italian accessibility regulations-compliant version.

In recognition of this unprecedented commitment by the Italian ZEA partners, and of the fair use they made of the PloneGov initiative, now counting about 10 Italian Public Organizations, Cesare Brizio, designated as the contact person by the Italian members, received a preliminary recognition as a ZEA Team member, and a [email protected] collective mailbox was assigned to the Italian ZEA businesses for the transparent management of Italian PloneGov-related communications, under the vigilant eye of ZEA's CEO Xavier Heymans.

2009 has just begun, and the first big-scale opportunities are already materializing for this enterprising quartet of businesses, who is also working on the hypothesis of building a consortium specifically devoted to PloneGov promotion in Italy: PloneGov resonance was enough to induce ANCITEL, the network of 7000+ Italian communes on a total of about 8100, to lend a hear to the proposal, by the four PloneGov / CommunesPlone Italian supporters, to campaign together for the systematic reuse of CommunesPlone by Italian Communes.

A preliminary meeting in Rome has arisen considerable interest by Ancitel, that planned for a follow-up "CommunesPlone workshop" soon to be held, with the involvment of selected deciders from Italian Public Sector and the aim to probe their propension to become actively involved in the systematic reuse of a free portal. Among them, the planned presence of Flavia Marzano and Claudio Forghieri, both members of the PloneGov Italian launch scientific commitee,  is particularly promising.

We will keep you informed with the outcome of those contacts - and will gladly share with all the ZEA Partners the details of a much needed, viable business model based on dissemination and reuse of PloneGov solutions.