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New impulse for PloneGov from Plone Sorrento Sprint 2008

by Red Turtle last modified 2009-01-08 16:50

The Italian ZEA Partners members are planning a number of initiatives to launch the PloneGov branch in Italy: an italian PloneGov site, a stand at COMPA 2008, and the organization of special event dedicated to Public Administrations.

Besides the technical sessions, the 2008 Sorrento Sprint was an useful opportunity of discussion between the Italian ZEA Partners members and two promoters of the PloneGov project: Xavier Heymans, CEO of Zea Partners, and Joël Lambillotte IT manager of the town of Sambreville.

To go along with a moment of particular sensibility of the Italian Public Administration to the opportunities offered by open source software, several initiatives were promoted, among which we find:

  • the joint participation at COMPA 2008 with a PloneGov stand that will be the host of Ferrara Chamber of Commerce and of the Public Authorities that from now since October will join PloneGov.
  • the organization of an event for the Public Administration especially committed to PloneGov, that will probably take place in Ferrara.
  • the Italian translation of PloneGov brochure.
  • the future translation of the institutional website.
  • a restyling plan for PloneGov institutional website to improve its efficacy as a marketing instrument.
  • the involvement of key people among the Public Administration consultants.

and other initiatives aimed at giving PloneGov the maximum possible prominence. Italian ZEA partners members believe that PloneGov will end up being a significant opportunity for the expansion open source adoption by the Public Sector in Italy and thus develop the Italian Plone market and services.