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Demagora: eDemocracy system on Plone

by reflab last modified 2009-07-13 16:47

Demagora is a decision making system to improve direct democracy with people in your group, school, association, trade union or political party.

Demagora is an innovative project that allows citizens and groups to achieve a wider form of participation in the decision making processes and one of the first portals being developed with the shiny Plone 3.


The idea has come from the Italians Leonardo Bertini and Simone Gabbriellini, willing to experiment the potential of web technologies in the job of supporting democratic initiatives. Demagora it is currently in a beta state but it is going to grow faster as long as people (leaders, politicians, groups,  citizens) will join the community.

Its main feature is to collect and coordinate participation between individuals, allowing citizens to make proposals and submit them to the other users, to be commented, voted and improved by the community.


The choice to use Plone 3 in this project was due to the need of a neat and easy user interface and a mature versioning tool to be used for the transparency of the proposals mechanism.

"Plone 3 was good out of the box to make a startup project, with its powerful, easy-to-use UI , extensive use of ajax, content commentability, simple sharing mechanism and full-featured user management system." - says Francesco Ciriaci (Reflab, Project Management).

Demagora features a skin based on the next-generation plone skin Nu-Plone; customizations to the user attributes and a voting mechanism that closely resembles the Plone PLIP system.

"This is not by chance" - say Simone and Leonardo, Demagora founders  "as one of our focus was to assist the technology transfer between some well-established practices in the Open Source world and the innovative political dimension of e-Participation".


Demagora is growing and its evolution is a continuous process: designing better interfaces, listening to the users feedback, exploring new possibilities; each one of this activities lead to improvements to the software, and to the idea itself.

"We're still working and the new release is on the way"


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