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Gut Distribution Extranet

GUT Distribution is a the major company in Italy for the distribution of products in the stationery sector.

GUT Distribution manages and markets brands such as Smemoranda, Kaos, Moleskine and aims to distinguish itself by the ability to propose initiatives and products to a multi-age target.

Two years ago GUT Distribution has started building, with the help of the Reflab team, a series of online services for its customers to better serve them, increase efficency and improve communication.

Customer online services are part of a wider customer retention strategy and are being constantly extended and improved. They are all accessible from a central personalized home page, through the restricted area (Area Riservata) of the public website.

After logging in GUT Distribution customers can check their latest orders status, verify deliveries, check latest invoices and payments. They can also verify and update their administrative information.

Another service allows customers to fill and update the information about their stores (address, images, etc.): the information is then matched with the stocks of products the customer has to provide the public the store locator feature.

Customers can also access online the full catalogues of GUT products, participate to prize draws and other commercial propotions and initiatives. Last but not least the home page of the extranet delivers specific content to the customers, based on their profiles and GUT staff have statistics and reports about customers usage of the site.

The restricted area, with catalogues, previews of products, etc. can be accessed also by the GUT salesforce, for which some collaboration and specific communication tools have been setup, and by all GUT staff.

After two years GUT can clearly see the effects and positive results of such a strategy, demonstrating once again how innovation and marketing, well blended in this project, can drive long term success of a company.

The project has been developed entirely in Plone, integrating with third-party software tools.



Gut Distribution Extranet