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Logistics Cluster Website

The Logistic Cluster is an inter-agency service whose mission is to coordinate the logistics capabilities of humanitarian organizations in large-scale operations or in complex emergencies.

The global Logistics Cluster website plays a key role in the information management, preparing and receiving logistics information for field operators.

The new Logcluster is the result of the migration of the former Unjlc/LogCluster site, which also involved a huge upgrade of the site. A new visual approach and an improved organization of the resources now respond to the need of fast information delivery, easy reading, easy sharing.
The site architecture is focused on the Operations which are the main access node for field operators; other key areas are the Country Profiles, collecting country related information and the Map Centre, a map repository containing GIS related information. A news "pushing" system allows to show directly in the home page the most relevant updates in the site.

The new sites relies on Plone for the backoffice and information delivery.

Beside the IA and user centered design, here's some of the improvements in the New Logcluster:

  • RSS support improved, with advanced subscription options
  • Sharing tools: from bookmarklets to simplified submission forms
  • News and "hot news" pushing system for site updates; "focus on" system for blog posts
  • Backoffice optimization, simplified document tagging and upload, improved metadata system
  • New Logcluster Blog
  • Image Galleries management in Blog and Operations
  • Dashboard aggregation for registered users

Other features include the optimization of the search engine, using Solr to maximize the control on the effective relevance of the search results; the overall performance of the whole site; the mobile version. from the mobile Logcluster site it is now possible to have  experience the site also from mobile devices and Low Bandwidth connections.


The project has been developed by Reflab under the supervision of the World Food Programme, lead agency for the Logistics Cluster.

Visual, graphics and themes developed together with our partner Mediatria.



Logistics Cluster Website