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MSF International Intranet

MSF International Intranet migration and evolution project. MSF - Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) is an humanitarian independent organization that provides medical and humanitarian help in about 63 countries around the world.

The new MSF International Intranet - codename Tukul 2, is the main collaboration tool for hundreds of users in the MSF network. MSF choose Plone to migrate its Intranet to open technologies and to broaden the range of features offered to its users.

Tukul 2 has been created applying agile design principles; it is fully coherent with the MSF brand, it has a very neat and readable interface, and it offers different styles of navigation designed around users need and behaviour. The new MSF Intranet features include a Facebook-style user directory, an intelligent usage of metadata, the innovative multilngual files management features, working spaces for open groups and various tools for information sharing and management. It also offers a "light" version for mobile devices and limited resources connections.

After one year from the launch Tukul 2 has seen an increase by 66% of the documents read, and is managing now more than 35000 documents (there where about 10000 documents at launch). It is visited by 80% of MSF staff worldwide and since the new workspaces service was launched more than 1200 members joined some of the 50 now active workspaces.

The project is continuously developed and extended now to meet the increased demands of its users.



The project, coordinated by MSF International, was developed by Reflab with Mediatria and StudioFlu

  • Project design, consulting, development, deployment by Reflab
  • Visual design, Icons and Mobile version by StudioFlu
  • Graphic revision and theming by Mediatria




MSF International Intranet