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Tagetik is a software company enabling enterprises to fully unify processes for Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Founded in a hillside town of Tuscany, Tagetik is an established and profitable company with over 30% of compound annual growth now taking a leap forward to reach global expansion.


A neat and clean corporate site realized in full CSS and featuring Flash integration with the CMS Plone using XML, private community areas and more.
The project has been run in collaboration with Wayin for the graphics and with Tagetik internal team for features and multilingual parts.


Main features are a great care for graphics and usability as well as for page composition.
The whole graphics are realized as a customization of Plone CSS.
The home page also features integration with a Flash animation that uses XML generated by contents in Plone as source.
Last but not least a page composition tool allows editors to create rich home pages and section home pages.
The site is multilingual, with private areas and documents and offers a sofisticated users management features for partners allowing them to manage their own sub-accounts.


After the first successful deployment Tagetik put online the second version. Thanks to the knowledge transfer, Tagetik team has been able to work in partnership with Reflab to evolve the website: still based on Plone it has now been redesigned and enriched with web2 solutions.