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Zea Partners at the FLOSSimpact workshop in Brussels

by xavier last modified 2008-06-14 11:04

Xavier Heymans was invited to comment the study findings based on Zea Partner network experience. This study analyses the positive economical impact of Open Source on EU and world economy, and the potential of economical growth. The final report will be made public this winter.

International workshop: The impact of Free/Libre/Open Source Software on innovation and competitiveness of the European Union. September 28, 2006

The information economy is a large market. Including the provision of infrastructure and services for the creation, exchange and processing of information and communication services as well as the sales of information itself, this market is now in the range of 10% of GDP in most developed countries, and accounts for more than half of their economic growth. Software is one of the key elements driving ICT's role in the economy, and the structure, competitiveness, performance of the ICT industry has potential to be strongly affected by Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS). There is evidence that the development of the information economy has enormously benefited from the existence of the Internet and the World Wide Web, both technologies founded on FLOSS, and it appears that the emergence of FLOSS may have significant effects - whether positive or negative - on various aspects of the ICT sector and the overall economy.

The ICT goods and services sector drives economic growth and the EU's competitiveness in this sector is therefore an important element of achieving the Lisbon goals of becoming the most competitive knowledge economy by 2010. Within this context, 'this study is financed by the Enterprise and Industry DG, as part of its effort to analyse the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Europe .

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