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POV organizes the next edition of Europython in 2007

by xavier last modified 2006-11-11 12:30

EuroPython is the annual conference for the Python and Zope communities. It circulated between different sites in Europe; having started in Charleroi in Belgium and moved to Göteborg in Sweden, and then CERN in Swizerland. EuroPython will next take place in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2007.

Programmers of Vilnius POV , our Lithuanian partner, has proposed to organize the next conference edition in Vilnius. POV team is made of outstanding Python and Zope experts with a long commitment within the open source community.

EuroPython brings together hundreds of developers, designers and business people in the Python and Zope communities. You will meet people who have just begun their journey into this world as well as the people who started it all. EuroPython provides inspirational talks and a friendly atmosphere, designed to help people build contacts and learn from each others experiences. You will meet interesting people, have a pleasant time and get to see Vilnius in its best season.

More information :
Dates : Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 of July 2007.