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Topia organises a requirement workshop on multilingual content management

by xavier last modified 2006-12-14 16:04

Members of Zea Partners bring a broad background of experience from many branches of IT. They constantly cooperate on various aspects of content management and related fields. For example, Topia Systems is working on a project to clarify the needs of larger organizations and local authorities with respect to Content Management.

As statutory requirements for multilingual content become more widespread, and as the need for additional languages spreads, more support is needed for the translation process and the budgeting and accounting of translation costs. A forthcoming report from Topia Systems will outline these needs based a requirements workshop held in Carmarthen, Wales.

Purpose of the requirements workshop

To elicit the needs of larger organizations, in particular Local Authorities in Wales, with respect to Content Management, particularly in the face of statutory requirements for bilingual content, the growing need to support additional languages, the existence of multiple poorly connected content repositories, and the current difficulty of budgeting and tracking translation costs.

The workshop will develop a clear picture of the needs of the participants and outline requirements for potential solutions. The outlook for collaboration, and cost sharing will be discussed.

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