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Zea and partners at the Plone Conference 2006

by xavier last modified 2007-02-13 11:22

25 members of Zea network were at the Plone Conference in Seattle, several partners presenting talks on Plone businesses and technology. This Conference is a unique opportunity to contact these experts and get to know better their activities.

Plone conference 2006 PhotoThe three-day conference in Seattle, Washington, USA, begon on October 25th and run until October 27th. We had approximately 350 attendees from 35 U.S. states and 20 countries. Over 110 people attended two days of pre-confe- rence training sessions led by Joel Burton, Andy McKay and Richard Amerman.  Approximately 50 people attended a two-day post-conference "code and community projects sprint" hosted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

There will be two different tracks - a Tutorial Track for those who would like to learn their first bit about Plone or advance their skills, as well as a Talks Track for those who would rather hear some history, use-cases, and demonstrations of what Plone can do.

Some of the highlights of Plone Conference 2006 included :

  • What Makes Plone Different And Better
  • Why Plone? Confessions of an NGO
  • Graduating from Spaghetti to Sushi: Plone For PHPers
  • High Performance Plone: Caching
  • Plone Mashups: Connecting with Web 2.0
  • A Sneak Peek at Plone 3.0
  • Case study panels :
    • Plone and nonprofits
    • Plone and government organizations
    • Plone and scientific organizations
    • Plone and educational institutions
    • Plone and large enterprises

Zea talks

What makes Plone different and better ?

Paul Everitt (Zea product leader)

Everitt's free notes presentation about Plone.

(Watch the video)

Bird of feathers worshop : Plone in EU research

Xavier Heymans (Zea CEO)

Zea partners involvement in European Research. First results and funded projects : Qualoss and Flossmetrics. Potential impact for Plone and the Community. How to optimize the return to the open source community, providers and users? Need and strategy for long-term involvement in EU research?

Zea members talks

Plone Conference 2006 Keynote

Alexander Limi (Plone Solutions) and Alan Runyan (Enfold Systems)

Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi talk about the past year's happenings, and the future of Plone.

(Get the presentation file or watch the video)

Developing Plone into a full featured LIMS

Roché Compaan (Upfront Systems)

Roché Compaan's case study on the Bika, a laboratory information management system from Plone Conference 2006. Part of the "Plone for Science" case study panel.

(Get the presentation files)

Plone 3 - Seak Peek

Alexander Limi (Plone Solutions)

Alexander's Limi presentation about the upcoming Plone 3 release

(Get the presentation files)

SIMpill : Plone saves lives

Roché Compaan (Upfront Systems)

Roché Compaan's presentation from Plone Conference 2006. Part of the "Plone for Science" case study panel.

(Get the presentation files)

Plone at the United Nations (UN)

Jean Joordaan (Upfront Systems)

Jean Jordaan's presentation from Plone Conference 2006. Part of the "Plone at the UN" session.

(Get the presentation files)

Top Twenty Plone Pitfalls

Stefan Holek (Plone Solutions)

Stefan Holek's presentation from Plone Conference 2006

(Get the presentation files)

Making and managing multilingual sites with LinguaPlone

Geir Bækholt (Plone Solutions)

Geir Bækholt's presentation from Plone Conference 2006.

(Get the presentation files)

KSS tutorial

Godefroid Chapelle (Bubblenet) and Balazs Ree (Greenfinity)

Slides, by Godefroid Chapelle, presenting goals and design choices for KSS, introduced Balazs Ree tutorial.

(Get the presentation files)