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Zea and partners at the Europython conference 2006

by xavier last modified 2006-11-04 14:37

Do you want to meet Zea experts? This new edition of Europython is a unique opportunity to meet a number of Zea Members and get to know their activities.

Zea Partners

Xavier Heymans
Presentation : Zea Partner network explained. The talk will investigate the challenges facing a network of
Sme’s as Zea, followed by a presentation of the association strategy and actions.

Partners attending the conference

Additional information about the partners is available on Zea Website :
Partners skills and expertise
A selection of partner references

POV, Lithuania
Aiste Kesminaite
Marius Gedminas
Ignas Mikalajnas

Presentations :
Literate testing with doctests - Marius GEDMINAS
Agile customer management: successes and failures - Aiste KESMINAITE
Common mistakes you can make using pytz and datetime – Ignas MIKALAJNAS

Pareto, Netherlands
Jan Murre
Martijn Pieters
Robrecht van Valkenburg
Jeroen Vloothuis

Presentation :
Tramline, big files are fun!  Jeroen VLOOTHUIS
Linktally: Ranking popular pages in a CMS - Martijn PIETERS

Codesyntax, Spain
Aitzol Naberan
Gari Araolaza

Fry-It, UK

Peter Bengtsson

Infrae, Netherlands
Kit Blake
Martijn Faassen
Eric Casteleijn
Wim Boucquaert
Pupeno Silva

gocept, Germany
Christian Theune

Zest software
Reinout and Maurits van Rees

Presentations :
Generating content types and workflow with ArchGenXML, by Reinout van Rees
eXtremeManagement of projects with Plone, by Maurits van Rees

RefLab, Italy
Vincenzo Di Somma
Francesco Ciriaci
Riccardo Lemmi

Netsight, UK

Matt Hamilton
Additional participants to be confirmed

Com Lounge, Gernamy
Christian Scholtz

Plone Solutions
Geir Baekholt