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About Zea Partners

by xavier last modified 2009-10-21 14:46

Zea network

Zea Partners (Zea) is a non-profit network for companies involved in the creation and development of Zope, Plone and Silva systems. Zea is a transnational organization that conducts professional-quality business with a social return. We complete the virtuous cycle between the people that need Plone / Zope and the people that make Plone / Zope, creating an open source business that works, together.

Partnership of ZEA is open to key businesses of the Zope world. Selection is based on expertise, professionalism and proven track record with a strict vetting process. These companies are actively collaborating in the development of the technology behind Zope, as well as implementing Zope and Plone based solutions in a wide range of sectors and countries.

Collaborating with the original software creators provides many benefits above a standard commercial software offering. The primary short-term benefit to the customer is the delivery of a higher quality end product by dealing directly with experts in their respective fields. Being open source provides additional benefits and return on investment as improvements in the core software are shared amongst other organisations, lowering maintenance costs and pooling shared knowledge.




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