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Cesare Brizio, Communication and Marketing

by xavier last modified 2009-12-30 14:16

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Cesare BRIZIO attention to the open source world began in the year 2000, with his involvement in the preparation of the business plan of Biodec, a BioInformatics spin-off of the University of Bologna, proficient in Python and author of Plone4Bio, and consolidated with his collaboration, begun in 2006, with RedTurtle Technology, one of the Zea members most involved in the Public Sector.



  •  Main activities in 2009 - 2010

For most part of 2009, Cesare divided its time among three lines of activity: consulting to RedTurtle Technology (RT) (35%), marketing manager and communicator for all the Italian ZEA Partners (45%), and support to ZEA general interests (20%) - and that sums up to about 2/3 of time spent for promoting and supporting collective actions.

Among the 2009 achievements, a more active role of the Italian Public Sector in the management of PloneGov, with the birth of PloneGov Italia. Still, Cesare will continue also in 2010 his activity of PloneGov spokesperson in selected events, on behalf of the Italian PloneGov Members.

  • Main activities in 2008

For Italy, 2008 was "PloneGov Year": Cesare, working on behalf of the Italian ZEA Partners and of ZEA itself, and inspired by Xavier Heymans and Joel Lambillotte hintful talks, produced a significant amount of PloneGov documentation in Italian and, by involving selected deciders in the Italian Public Administrations, in a very short time was able to convince over 10 Italian Public Organizations to take an active role in PloneGov.

Cesare also managed the organization of the Italian PloneGov launch in Ferrara, as well as the PloneGov stand at ComPA 2008 the largest eGovernment exhibition in Italy. In the favorable Italian SME ecosystem, where all ZEA members share common objectives and collectively manage marketing initiatives, Cesare was designed as PloneGov Italian spokesman and contact person for Italy.

  • Background

A self-employer since mid-90s, in the decade 1995/2005 Cesare put in a sharper focus the two main tracks of his activity:

  • part-time business intelligence consultant / database analyst on platforms like Oracle and Business Objects,
  • part-time communicator and public relation man in a "technical marketing" niche.

Cesare got involved in IT in 1985, shortly after obtaining a University full honors degree in Earth Sciences and completing military service as 2nd Lieutenant in the Engineers Corps, Italian Army. After some years spent in the field of industrial automation, at the end of the Eighties he began to work with databases - mostly on IBM compatible PC - and to exploit his communication skills writing customer documentation and managing first contact activity for his employers.