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Claus Lassen

by xavier last modified 2009-10-21 15:19

Claus Lassen phtoClaus shares his working time between Zea Partners and the Danish Open Source Business Association (OSL). Both organizations are non-profit associations focusing on Open Source promotion, advocacy and research.

  • ZEA: Fluent in several languages Claus brings to Zea an expertise in editorial support, content management and FLOSS association communication. Claus also counts with an extensive experience working for non-profits, international organizations and European projects. He is also involved in European Research project (FP6-FP7) being in charge of dissemination and reporting activities.

  • OSL: As the secretary of OSL, Claus is in charge of the association day-to-day activities and personal assistant of Morten Kjærsgaard its Chairman. Trough OSL activities, Claus has been working closely with Zea Partners promoting at Open Source Software (OS) at international level, including European networks committed to OSS. Claus has taken an active role in OSL developing and reinforcing its activities, most of which being complementary to Zea Partners focus. More about OSL

Prior to his current function, he was co-editor and translator for the Cross-European Cultural Magazine "Lettre International".