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Brazilian public sector intensively uses Plone CMS

by xavier last modified 2009-06-30 11:49

SERPRO, the main IT solution provider for the Brazilian Government, is actively using Plone and Zope as its primary Portal construction tool for Government Web Content Management Solutions. SERPRO counts on an impressive list of reference and will soon launch its 50th governmental portal.

brazilAs the largest IT institution in the Brazilian Federal Government, SERPRO is providing many key services to the 10th largest economy in the World. SERPRO is responsible for all IT services within the Ministry of Finance and key information systems for the federal government. Principal products are Internet access services, Intranet portal solutions, consultancy and network communication services, and government applications (cities, states and federal).

Back in 2002, SERPRO evaluated opportunities to build new IT platforms. "We would select a proprietary solution", explains Giuseppe Romagnoli, SERPRO ICT Consultant,"but the government changed in Brazil and the opportunity to select a free software solution was real. After evaluating some free software solutions we found Zope and Plone at the 4th International Free Software Forum, in Brazil."

Following the push of Brazilian President Lula da Silva towards free software adoption in government,  SERPRO defined Plone as the official portal solution tool at SERPRO. Giuseppe Romagnoli gets enthusiastic : "Plone is a professional and high level solution that is as good as any proprietary solution. As a matter of fact, I would say that Plone is better than many of them."

Since this interview made at the Plone Conference in 2004, SERPRO has produced an impressive number of Plone / Zope portals and intranets including :

  • The Presidency of Republic website : Its is the portal responsible for all subjects related to the Presidency of Brasil and about its important government programs.
  • The government website : It is the official Brasilizan portal that takes care of all information to the citizen. This portal has most of its content in 3 languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. This portal is very important for Brazilian government as a strong channel between government and citizen.  It is one of the 5 best government sites as selected by IBEST 2006.
  • The government intranet : This Portal was created for the Ministry of planning. Its main objective is to be a virtual environment, secure, with a restricted access. It provides a collaborating for the Brazilian Public Federal Administration. It offers the necessary tools for managing activities and information and  access  to many applications used by the President of Republic, State Ministers, National Secretaries,  Directors and Managers.
  • The SERPRO Portal : the Portal objectives are to disseminate SERPRO mission, the services provided, news about the federal government related to Information Technology and government IT events. The Portal is also used to publish calls for proposals and information about public contracts related to Serpro activities.
  • The National Department of Transportation Infrastructure DNIT : The portal concentrate all important informations about roads, railways,  waterways  and ports.
  • SEAE : The Brazilian System for Competition Defense is composed by the Secretariat for Economic Monitoring (SEAE) of the Ministry of Finance. SEAE  have analytical and investigative functions. It is responsible for issuing non-binding opinions on mergers and anti-competitive practices cases. Everyone can easily access the most important information on competition policy in Brazil and around the world ( through links to worldwide competition authorities). SEAEs web site also has the Brazilian antitrust legislation, SEAE and SDEs common merger guidelines, the press releases, articles, papers and annual reports on the Secretariats activities
  • Public Digital Inclusion Portal : This project aims at bringing the Internet services to 3000 public schools located in poor areas. SERPRO developed the Public Digital Inclusion Portal of the Ministry of Communications. It allows the citizens to keep track of the process of implantation of internet access on poor areas.
  • Free Software : ZOPE and PLONE are the technologies behind the first government site dedicated to free software initiatives from the Brazilian Government. 
  • CODEVASF : This Portal was created for a government organization in charge of the natural resources of Vale do Sao Francisco and Parnaíba.