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Bungeni, a United Nations collaborative development initiative, joins the PloneGov project.

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2009-06-30 11:37

Bungeni is a Parliamentary and Legislative Information System for drafting, managing, consolidating and publishing legislative and other parliamentary documents. It is being developed within the context the "Africa i-Parliaments Action Plan" of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). It is meant to contribute to making Parliaments more open and accessible to citizens ... virtually allowing them "inside Parliament" or Bungeni -- the Kiswahili word for "inside Parliament". PloneGov and Bungeni decide to join efforts to share experience and their developments.

PloneGov welcomes Bungeni. With a focus on Parliamentary and Legislative processes, Bungeni brings valuable expertise to PloneGov: the initiative covers now all aspects of e-Governments, from local governments to Parliaments. It brings together a unique pool of experts from 3 continents, counting years of experience in collaboration and open source development.

Bungeni logoBungeni is being developed in collaboration with 8 national parliaments in Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It is based on open standards (see and open source applications (Plone, Zope, and eXist). It is an initiative in collaboration with the Pan-African Parliament and European parliaments and universities.

The decision to use an open source platform and to adopt a collaborative approach in the development of Bungeni rests on the practical and strategic consideration that this approach is the more likely to build sustainable high quality information systems in Africa. The collaborative model sets in motion a critical mass that can be capable of creating economies of scale, while promoting the creation of communities of users to support capacity building and sustainable support -- all factors very critical in the African context.

Therefor, the PloneGov initiative matches and greatly enhances the possibilities of Bungeni and participating African Parliaments to create economies of scale -- by sharing tools and collaborative development -- and at the same time it leads to higher quality software, through the sharing of experiences and best practices while also developing partnerships with European institutions that could enhance capacity building in Africa.

Bungeni has been built to benefit from international collaboration in term of economy of scale, sharing best practices, investments and development. The aim is to provide a high quality, sustainable information system to parliaments and regional bodies for all, no matter the resources that they may have, since through sharing all can benefit. We are joining PloneGov with the conviction that we can bring value to the initiative and that the access to a wider community of experience and skills will greatly benefit all our stakeholders and assist us in building sustainable quality in Africa.