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Paul Everitt give a talk at the first CALIBRE conference

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-02-01 12:32

CALIBRE, the european co-ordination action for libre software engineering, aims to coordinate the study of the characteristics of open source software projects, products and processes, distributed development, and agile methods.

This first CALIBRE conference investigates some of the key experiences of European Industry with open source software.  Key speakers have been drawn from diverse organisations with differing backgrounds from around Europe.

The official launch of CALIBRATION (Industry Forum on Libre/Open Source Software Policy) takes place in the Hague. The CALIBRATION workshop aims to facilitate discussion between conference delegates and industry speakers to highlight both the current  issues and future concerns of industry and researchers alike.  Once formed this forum will serve as a mechanism to inform EU policy and also to disseminate academic research findings from the CALIBRE consortium.

Paul Everitt, co-founder of Zope Corporation and founder of Zope Europe Association give a talk for the launch of this conference held on friday 19th Nov 2004 in the Hague, NL.

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