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CommunesPlone, a case study in Public Sector and Open Source (PS-OSS) report

by xavier last modified 2009-06-30 11:44

The European Commission has commissioned a study to explore the potential impact if the Public Sector were to release its software open source. The project CommunesPlone, based on the renowned open source applications Plone/Zope, is investigated as a practical example of mutualisation between local governments.

Public Sector and Open Source Software - PS-OSS

The use of Free/Open Source Software is growing in public administrations across Europe. What would be the potential impact on the development of the Information Society (including industry) if public organizations (administrations, research institutions, universities, agencies, public companies etc.) were to release software fully owned by them under an open source license?

CommunesPlone a case of international mutualisation

The project CommunesPlone ( results from a close collaboration between Belgian and French local governments, with the support of the Plone Open Source Community and Zea Partners an international network of SMEs. It started in the town of Sambreville (Belgium). In 2 years, it spread to 14 Belgian and French local governments.

The roadmap is based on early decisions:

  • to model processes on proven practices of a successful existing Open Source Community,
  • to involve OS experts to coach the IT team of Sambreville,
  • to be open to collaboration from other towns and experts,
  • to maintain a close relationship with the local user group and service SMEs.

The 14 participating Belgian Communes and French Mairies (all local governments) participate mainly to gain independence from IT services providers by developing, essentially by themselves and in a cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for their citizens’. This strategy rests on two renowned multiplatform Open Source tools: Zope and Plone.

Source : PS-OSS, December 14, 2006

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