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COMPA 2008: an opportunity to meet PloneGov experts

by Red Turtle last modified 2008-09-10 15:18

ComPa is maybe the most important Italian event for IT and technology in the Public Administration. Italian ZEA Partners have co-financed a PloneGov stand in this prestigious fair, and will manage the stand on behalf of PloneGov.

A shared strategy and the common conviction that PloneGov can be an effective business flywheel, have lead Italian ZEA partners to put apart for a while their company-wise promotion and engage in a joint marketing effort to promote PloneGov. As long as PloneGov is an association of Public Administrations, this effort required the definition of a different approach, with the focus set on the illustration of PloneGov itself, and with ZEA Partners going underground for a while.

Thus, the PloneGov stand at COMPA 2008, the reference event for IT in the Italian Public Administration, will be jointly managed by people from four different companies, who will illustrate Plone in general - and PloneGov in particular - to visitors, without any reference to their respective company in particular: besides the PloneGov brochures that will be freely and actively distributed, a brochure with the list of ZEA partner companies will be distributed upon request.

Hopefully, a talk or two will be held by ZEA speakers in the special open spaces or within the COMPA seminars.

Italian ZEA Partners are confident that this strategy will equally benefit  them all, and will let the Italian public administration perceive ZEA Partners as a real-world network and as the support keeping PloneGov up on his feet.