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eGovMoNet: a new network aiming to measure e-Government user satisfaction

by xavier last modified 2009-04-23 14:04

Zea Partners is involved in a new European thematic network aiming to measure the user satisfaction of e-Government solutions. This network will be an opportunity to share experience with a number of European public organizations and providers involved in e-Government, and investigate the impact e-Government services.

The implementation of eGovernment solutions is expected to bring a number of advantages including efficiency, increased user satisfaction, and reduction of administrative burden. However, this cannot be taken for granted any longer. Well informed strategic decisions on investments in eGovernment developments will need measurements of impact and user satisfaction.

The eGovMoNet therefore propose to:

  • Raise the awareness and stimulate uptake of e-Government impact and user satisfaction measurements.

  • Contribute to the harmonisation and quality of measurement frameworks.

  • Improved quality of the measurements in use and under development
  • Increased uptake of automated tools to support measurements and benchmarks
  • A sustainable network to participate in the evolving development of e-Government measurements

The network is planned to last for two years with five events, potentially linked to highly profiled international eGovernment conferences. When possible, the eGovMoNet events, will be spiced by presentation of measurement results and insights from large scale evaluations from ongoing projects within the network.

The eGovMonet kick-off meeting will be held the 29th and 30th of May in Geneva, Switzerland. Zea Partners and PloneGov will attend the meeting and bring them their unique experience of e-Government realities.


- Project cordinator: University of Agder, Norway

- eGovMoNet site:

- Network Partners: