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eGovMoNet: eGovernment Impact Measurement Workshop report

by Cesare Brizio last modified 2009-04-27 12:48

eGovMoNet is a European thematic network dealing with measurement strategies for the impact and the perceived quality of eGovernment services. The workshop focused on eGovernment Impact Measurement. Participants in the network are leading organisations from eGovernment measurement including government, benchmarking practitioners, application developers, and users. As representative of the PloneGov project, an international open source software sharing initiative, Zea Partners got precociously involved in this network.

Meeting report: Veszprém, HU - 26-27 Mar 2009

eGovMoNet third workshop was held in Hungary in the scenic location of Veszprém.

The Meeting goals included:

  • Update on the developments occurred after the previous workshops (see related articles)
  • elaborate further on how to describe methods and comparisons
  • present further methodologies in use according to the update measurement template
  • review impact indicator
  • discuss the proposed dissemination plan
  • introduce the network objectives.


The presentations, very shortly summarized herein under, may be downloaded from

The first session was dedicated to gathering data on impact measurement practice using the template. relators included:

  • Rony Medaglia (CBS): "User satisfaction and impact measurement" (Denmark)
  • Rune Halvorsen (NOVA): "eGovernment, user satisfaction and impact measurements in Norway" (Norway)
  • Peter Röthig (WiBe): "WiBe 4.0 - Impact measurements" (Germany)
  • Stephen Jenner (PS): "eGovernment Impact Measurement - a perspective from the UK"
  • Eric Velleman (ACC): "Websites of Netherland eGovernment" (Netherlands)
  • Gino Verleye (UGent): "A conceptual model for the assessment of user satisfaction on online public services(Belgium)

Cecília Sikné Lányi talked about "Joint Programme on Accessible Web Design" (EU-Project, Hungary)
A short discussion followed, on how to elaborate on sharing training program experience and content, including possible student assignments in eGovMoNet, addressing also the issue of duration of theses.

Mikael Snaprud, in his talk “ePractice, project handbook, dissemination plan” described ePractice community history and activities, asking partners for comments and suggestions about eGovMoNet deliverables and coming actions, in particular to project handbook (it will be published in the ePractice portal), dissemination plan, participation to events in Malmo, 18 to 19 November 2009

Further presentations followed - the space available compels us to limit the citation to the presentation title:

  • Jeremy Millard (DTI): "Second measure paper summing up the user satisfaction observations and proposals for future work" (Denmark)
  • Christine Mahieu (FEDICT), Gino Verleye(UGent): "Development of an operational eGov reporting environment: methodological and practical issues and learnings" (Belgium)
  • Sebastiaan van der Peijl (Deloitte): “Measurement of eGovernment user satisfaction and impact” (Belgium)
  • Francesco Belgioioso (RSO): “The Benchlearning first year results: an intense experience of measurement” (Italy)
  • Morten Goodwin Olsen (Tingtun), Annika Nietzio (FTB): “Impact indicators:State of the art survey”

An innovative initiative, dubbed "Knowledge Café", was held by splitting the workshop participants into four groups, each group assigned a table representative. In the following three questions were discussed for 20 minutes and the discussion was documented on the table clothes.

Among the deliverables of eGovMoNet project, the so called "measure papers" have a central role. Jeremy Millard presented the progress on the second measure paper focusing User Satisfaction Measurement (this paper will be completed by June 2009).

  • The Third Measure Paper will be focused on Impact Measurement and lead by Gino Verleye. Participants in the group are Jeremy Millard and Mikael Snaprud with further authors to be included.
  • "The Fourth Measure Paper will be focused on Innovative eGov Measurement Methods and practices, to be lead by Xavier Heymans. Participants in the group are Stephen Jenner, Mikael Snaprud, Morten Goodwin Olsen with further authors to be included."
All measure papers are planned to be compiled into the Measure Handbook to be prepared as one of the finalising deliverables from the project. All eGovMoNet meetings are open for interested participants and announced on ePractice as soon as the agenda is stabilised.


- Project coordinator: University of Agder, Norway
- eGovMoNet site:
- Network Partners:
- ePractice subcommunity: