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Plone: Official launch of PloneGov in Italy

by xavier last modified 2008-06-07 21:58

The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, the first PloneGov Italian member, invites 100 representatives from the public sector and open source experts to participate to the official launch of PloneGov in Italy on September 16, 2008.

This conference will be a unique opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara to share with other Italian and European public administrations its experience. National and international experts will attend the conference and bring us their knowledge and explain us how Italian public organization could benefit each other sharing best practices and developping collaborations.

PloneGov is creating a collaborative software ecosystem, where government organizations, non-profits and the private sector work together to share the cost of enhanced capabilities. The larger the community that shares the applications, the more potential benefits derived by each participant. Improvements to the software may be provided or funded by any organization. All participating organizations benefit from any one’s contributions at no additional cost and with no restrictions.

The objective is to deliver tools for public administrations and on-line web services to citizens most effectively and efficiently by reducing or eliminating the duplication of effort between localities through sharing and collaboration. We enable governments to benefit from greater technological independence and together build tools that are truly suited to their own needs.

PloneGov success results from a close collaboration between public organizations, open source communities and Zea Partners, an international non-profit network for companies building open source solutions. Started by small towns, PloneGov is open to all type of collaborations. The initiative already reaches cities, regions, parliaments and administrations. Truly international, the project spans over 3 continents and reaches already 20 countries.

Among the 10 planned talks, the most active authoritative PloneGov speakers Joel Lambillotte and Xavier Heymans, will be our guests. They will present CommunesPlone and PloneGov, 2 award winning eGovernment open source initiatives.

Joël Lambillotte, the IT manager of the town of Sambreville, Belgium, is the technical manager of CommunesPlone, a collaborative open source effort already reaching over 50 local governments and regional administrations in Belgium.

Xavier Heymans is Zea Partners CEO, a non-profit network of open source businesses that promotes, organizes and administers the international activities of the PloneGov initiative.

Additional information

Simultaneous interpreting will be available.

Location: City of Ferrara, Italy - (site in Italian)

Date: September 16, 2008

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