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FLOSSInclude, a project to foster open source international collaboration

by xavier last modified 2009-05-02 15:11

FLOSS is arguably one of the best examples of open, collaborative, internationally distributed production and development that exists today. With partners around the globe, the FLOSSInclude project will develop a roadmap for international cooperation to realise the potential of FLOSS as a tool for social and economic development.

Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) holds great potential for developing countries. FLOSS uses open standards, avoiding lock-in and allowing for flexible solutions. Programs can easily be translated into local languages. The international developers' community acts as a free-of-charge training environment. Yet

FLOSS use and development in the global South has so far stayed below its potential. The FLOSSInclude project aims to help developing countries to use FLOSS to their advantage. Started in February 2008 and running for two years, it will study what is needed to increase the deployment, development and societal impact of FLOSS in Africa, Asia and Latin America. After these needs are identified, the project partners will develop innovative solutions to satisfy specific local ICT needs. These solutions will be tested during a pilot phase. The project will result in a roadmap outlining future possibilities for research cooperation between the EU and developing countries.

By building regional competencies, FLOSSInclude will have a profound impact on governments and the policy community. The project will create and expand links between FLOSS communities and those working on social and economic development, encouraging the transfer of solutions one region to another. Raising awareness for FLOSS and open standards will be key to helping people in the target regions to create a vibrant FLOSS-based ecosystem.

FLOSSInclude is funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, with a total amount of 703,462 Euro. Started in February 2008, the project will run for 24 months.



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