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Document Actions 3 research projects investigating open source software quality launch a joint portal

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2008-06-07 14:52 is an initiative of 3 EU research projects : Qualoss, Flossmetrics and SQO-OSS. It demonstrate the strong collaboration between the actors of the 3 projects. The expected benefit is to ease the access to information by disseminating news by joint RSS feed. translate also into facts the collaboration between these complementary projects. Each project being dedicated to open source software quality research. Moreover, most partners are involved in two or three research and they exchange data every day in order to improve their research quality.

  • QUALOSS will develop a high level methodology to benchmark the quality of open source software in order to ease the strategic decision of integrating adequate F/OSS components into software systems. The quality assessment methodology will combine data from software products (its source code, documentation, etc) with data about the developer community supporting the software products in order to estimate the evolvability and robustness of the evaluated software products.
  • FLOSSMETRICS - Industry, SMEs, public administrations and individuals need detailed, reliable and complete information about libre software, specifically about its development process, its productivity and the quality of its results. They need to know how to benchmark individual projects against the general level. FLOSSMETRICS addresses those needs by analysing a large quantity (thousands) of libre software projects, using already proven techniques and tools.
  • SQO-OSS aims to increase the competitiveness of European software development SMEs through a holistic approach of software quality assessment, initially targeting open source software. The project seeks to use as many sources of quality indicators as possible so as to create a set of metrics that can be applied automatically to a software project's repository in order to extract quantifiable measurements of its quality.