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GetPaid, e-commerce and donations with Plone

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-11-15 14:41

The last few months have seen the emergence of a new sub-community sponsored and developed e-commerce framework for Plone. Its goal is to develop a tool enabling a variety of use cases for monetization of a Plone site from traditional e-commerce stores, to donation processing and subscription sites.

GetPaid is a flexible framework for payment processing and commerce in Plone. It is made using the latest technologies and meant to be easily customizable for your needs - yet useful out of the box for simple use cases.

On one hand Getpaid enables industry and commerce to launch easily classical web based sales operations and on the other hand it helps NGO or non-profit association to manage large web fund raising campaign.

Useful "out of the box"

You want to be up and running fast on a commerce application in your site, whether it is donation processing or a store. GetPaid comes ready to handle common needs. All you have to do is install it in a Plone site, and you get a wealth of features and controls.


Want to create a custom commerce application in Plone? GetPaid will provide you the tools to process payments, create interfaces, and more. Reuse these components or write a pluggable replacement for components like user or order storage, reporting, or add a new content type.


Content Integration

  • Make any content in your site payable. A flexible approach that allows you to:
Shopping Cart
    • Add items, review cart
    • Cart shows in portlet
    • Details of any "buyable" object show in a portlet
    • Configurable to allow/disallow anonymous checkouts
Payment Processors
Site Administration
    • Secure area to set site properties
    • Order management screen (search, sort orders, manage workflow)
Flexible and extensible (with development)
    • Plug in your own database or customize fields for members
    • Add your own business logic to pricing
    • Add your own custom content types
    • i18n tagging throughout GetPaid products
    • Translations included in product: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
    • Add your own translation

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