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Launching Goldegg : a funding initiative for advancing Zope 3 in the Plone, CMF, Five software stack.

by xavier last modified 2007-01-09 18:09

Plone is a CMS product atop a stack of open source framework technologies. Moving the product forward means moving the stack forward. However, this requires architectures working together, which requires architects working together.

Paul Everitt from ZEA drafted a plan for gathering funding for the next release of CMF. This plan focused on coordinating the ways in which various CMF products used Zope 3 in the next releases. The plan targeted funding an architect to act as "pope".

Munwar Shariff from CIGNEX convinced a customer with money available for improving Plone through the use of Zope 3. Munwar worked with Paul to extend the existing plan to include Plone's framework.

The project

Goldegg is a funding initiative to invest in the stack by supporting the architects, community, and roadmap at each stack layer. Plone companies and customers can pool money into a Goldegg funding cycle, with each cycle tied to a release of the stack.


  • Leverage Five in Plone
  • Solidify Plone's stack
  • Progress on governance

Zope 3 holds much promise as an improved application server framework. Thanks to the "Five" project, this promise is available in Zope 2 applications and is now standard with Zope 2.8. Thus, existing applications can use Zope 3 technologies without a full rewrite.

Both Plone and CMF can benefit from Five. Both have Five-related roadmap items with high payback and low disruption. Also, the Z3 architecture gives Plone and CMF a chance to avoid spawning new mini-frameworks, such as event models.

Finally, the players in the stack should work together more across boundaries. However, deadlines from paying customers take precedence over good-intentioned outreach across projects. Funding can provide bandwidth to make this a priority.

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