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Zope Europe is Now Zea

by xavier last modified 2007-02-01 11:58

You knew us as ZEA, the Zope Europe Association. Now it's official. With a name change and a partner plan for 2006, Zea's results are showing.

For 3 years, the Zope Europe Association (ZEA) has joined Zope-based companies together in Europe and beyond,
 working together on collective action: shared marketing, shared projects, and shared experiences.

As 2005 closed, the partnership was reaching its strongest point in several regards: number of partners, financial resources, countries covered, and prospects for European projects.  We wrote a business plan for 2006 and finalized this plan during 2 partner meetings (Brussels and London).  After a unanimous vote, we committed the partnership to measurable objectives for promotion and projects.

This new site shows the beginning of these results.  We also, though, chose this time to make a name change: Zope Europe Association (ZEA) is now Zea Partners (Zea).

This name change reflects the reality that we were known as "ZEA".  The change also reflects the ongoing emphasis on Zope-based solutions (Silva, Plone, and others), plus our leadership role beyond Europe, as we plan to invite well-respected partners from around the world.  Finally, the name change is an act of the partners' voluntary good faith regarding the word Zope.

We hope you like the new site, the new name, and the ongoing results for 2006.  If you are a Zope, Silva, or Plone company that is active in the comunity, stay in touch and keep an eye on Zea.