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OBOOE: Open source business sector launches a European federation

by xavier last modified 2008-07-08 22:36

OBOOE is new umbrella Federation bringing together European business associations and organizations related to free, libre and open source software. The Federation goals are to encourage cross-border networking between national initiatives and to become a voice for the sector.

Press release, Brussels - January 25, 2008

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) create most free software products and solutions. This new thriving industry is currently under-represented and most communication about IT policies remains controlled by few large competing businesses.

To change this state of fact, representatives of the European open source software industry gathered in Berlin on January 10. They decided to launch a Federation of European open source business association. The initiative, named OBOOE “Open Source Business Organizations Of Europe”, aims to regroup national and regional associations of open source businesses.

With a special focus on SME, OBOOE aims to become a common voice for the European open source software industry. It will promote and defend joint interests of this new open ecosystem involving SME and users from private and public sector.

Xavier Heymans, Brussels, CEO of Zea Partners a network of SME spanning over 14 countries says: "OBOOE will raise awareness of open source business success stories with a focus on SME. It will therefore support and promote the interests of the open source ecosystem by contributing to market efficiency and supporting a thriving European industry."

Jorge Villar Guijarro, Fundecyt, Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology in Extremadura, Spain: "OSS is a leverage to reduce the digital divide by promoting e-inclusion through the reduction of barriers to access to technology, as the example of the FLOSS ecosystem of Extremadura shows very clearly."

Elmar Geese, representative of the German LIVE Linux Verband: "OBOOE will develop the open source market and industry by matchmaking, sharing knowledge and business opportunities."

Alexandre Zapolsky representative of FNILL, the French federation of open source professionals, says: "It is an historical day! With OBOOE we are going to build the Europe of open source software. We are going to pass from the time of speech to the time of action. It is very exciting!"

Henri Bergius, representative of COSS, the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions: "The current situation is that most of European OSS companies have more business cooperation with software companies from abroad than within Europe."


OBOOE membership is open to Open Source SME association. If you are an open source SME wishing to support us, please consider to join one of OBOOE member and/or suggest your national/regional organization to join OBOOE.

Headquarters will be based in Brussels.

More information on OBOOE website