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OSOR launch, Open Source World Conference in Malaga, Spain

by xavier last modified 2008-10-10 19:51

The OSOR website will be launched in Malaga, at the Open Source World Conference. Xavier Heymans has been invited to present the PloneGov innitiative. PloneGov is a collaborative software ecosystem, where government organizations, non-profits and the private sector work together to share the cost of enhanced capabilities.

The European Commission Directorate General for Informatics (IDABC) organises its Open Source Software Event 2008 on 20 October in Málaga, in the Spanish Region of Andalucía. It is organised with the regions of Andalucía and Extremadura in parallel with the Open Source World Conference.

The event will be the official launch of the Open Source Observatory and Repository for European public administrations ( The OSOR is a platform actively supporting the sharing of OSS-based eGovernment applications and experiences across Europe – connecting EU services and Member States.

The day’s sessions are dedicated to presenting

  • the OSOR Project, the platform and services
  • a small panel of users of the OSOR and interactions with other European Commission OS related projects. Including a presentation of PloneGov an award winning eGovernment Open Source project.

One separate session is dedicated to a workshop on public procurement and open source software; this workshop aims at presenting and discussing the OSOR Guideline on public procurement and FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software). In addition to providing specific guidance on how to handle FLOSS, some of the questions it aims to answer are:

  • How is FLOSS treated by public procurement?
  • What are the current practices in Member States?
For a detailed description of the sessions please or if you are interested in the OSOR launch event, you can register by clicking on the OSOR site.