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Plone: PLINKIT Collaborative receives ASCLA Leadership and Professional Achievement Award

by xavier last modified 2009-04-10 17:51

The goal of the Plinkit Collaborative is to provide pre-built, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy websites for libraries using Plone. While Plinkit was initially focused on serving small and/or rural libraries, Plone has made it easy to meet the needs of other library types (e.g. museum, school, and community college libraries). Currently, the four founding states have deployed Plinkit to over 225 libraries.

Based on a press release by: the American Library Association – March 10, 2008

CHICAGO - Public Library Interface Kit (PLINKIT) Collaborative, is the 2008 co-recipient of the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) Leadership and Professional Achievement Award presented by the ASCLA, a division of the American Library Association (ALA).

The ASCLA Leadership and Professional Achievement Award is a citation presented to one or more ASCLA members in recognition of leadership and achievement in the following areas of activity: consulting, multi-type library cooperation, networking, statewide service and programs and state library development.

PLINKIT Collaborative ( is a collaborative project of the Colorado State Library, Oregon State Library, Texas State Library and Illinois Regional Libraries that allows small libraries to customize and enrich websites, providing links to reference databases, local and world newspapers and many other information-rich resources.

“The PLINKIT Collaborative is an innovative, multi-state technology project that was chosen for this award in recognition of its significant impact on libraries and communities across a broad section of America,” said Kathleen Hegarty, ASCLA awards committee chair. “The PLINKIT Collaborative also represents a pioneering initiative, being the first collaborative technology project of its kind among state library and regional agencies.”

“This project demonstrates how leadership by cooperating agencies can result in better achievement for libraries,” stated Eugene Hainer, director of the Colorado State Library.