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Zea at the Plone conference 2004

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-01-19 17:37

The Plone Conference taking place in Vienna will be an opportunity to meet a number of Zope Europe Association members. 14 of them giving talks on Plone businesses and technology.

Plone conference 2004

Like the first conference in New Orleans, this new edition focus primarily on the people that make Plone. In addition to this focus, we will also be adding material to benefit those in business and politics who have adopted Plone within their organizations.

The three-day conference in Vienna, Austria will begin on September 20th and run until September 22nd. There will be two different tracks - a Tutorial Track for those who would like to learn their first bit about Plone or advance their skills, as well as a Talks Track for those who would rather hear some history, use-cases, and demonstrations of what Plone can do.

Zope Europe association members talks

State of Plone
Plone Founders Alan Runyan (Enfold Systems) and Alexander Limi (Plone Solutions)

Opening keynote talk on the State of Plone and it's past, present and future from its founders.

Business of Plone
Paul Everitt (Plone Foundation and Zope Europe association) and Joel Burton (Plone Foundation)

How big is the world of Plone? How many businesses are located in which countries? This session, hosted by the Plone Foundation marketing folks, discusses the market of Plone and launches an initiative to collect more data. An update will also be given on Plone Foundation activities.

Leveraging the Standards: Improving the WebDAV experience... NOW!
Sidnei da Silva (Enfolds System)

Plone excels at user interaction with web applications via the browser, but mature tools such as WebDAV allow a powerful way of delivering and managing information on the Web. Effective use of such tools with Plone brings it into the realm of document management, wich is now receiving well-deserved attention. Developers will learn how to import data into Archetypes using RelaxNG-validated XML documents, interact with Zope using Greg Stein's davlib, and control content creation in CMF/Plone using the Content Types Registry.

Martijn Faassen, Infrae

Five is a product that integrates Zope 3 functionality into Zope 2. Five right now allows you to use the following Zope 3 technologies in Zope 2: It is not neccessary to attend the Zope 3 tutorial which happens before, to be able to follow Martijns explainations.

  • Zope 3 Interfaces
  • Adapters
  • Pages (views), including skins and layers
  • ZCML
  • It is possible to add Zope 3 style views to your own Zope 2 objects, or to existing ones, even normal Folders using this product, and it works with a straight Zope 2.7 installation, as long as Zope 3 has been installed.
PloneTestCase - The Plone 2 Testing Environment Explained
Stefan Holek, Plone Solutions

If you want to write automated tests for Plone and your Plone-based products, this tutorial is for you. You will learn how to run your tests, how and why the default fixture works, and how to write your own tests derived from the PloneTestCase class.

The tutorial will cover advanced topics like testing security, accessing the file system, rigging the REQUEST, etc. Finally, we will show how to create your own test frameworks based on PTC.

PloneCampus, a vertical application for universities
Francesco Ciriaci, Reflab

PloneCampus is a project aiming to realize a web application for didactics management, a collaborative environment for teachers and students and the automation of administrative procedures for Universities. PloneCampus is an open source project by the University of Bari and Reflab.

I18N and LinguaPlone
Geir Bækholt and Helge Tesdal, Plone Solutions

Much of Plone's popularity is due to it having the user interface translated to many languages. LinguaPlone is the new tool for Plone to properly handle multi-language-content websites. This tutorial will teach you how LinguaPlone works, and how to use it to create and manage multilingual content in Plone.

CompositePack, composing archetypes content
Godefroid Chapelle

Based on Shane Hathaway's CompositePage, CompositePack is a product that allows the Plone Manager to build composite pages by manually aggregating Archetype content from his site. The design will be explained. Customizing CompositePack by building and registering layouts and viewlets will be explained and demoed.

Web Quality Certification Management with Plone
Vincenzo di Somma, Reflab

The focus of the talk is on how to leverage Plone, Archetypes and workflows to build a custom intranet application that manages Quality documentation, Project documentation, formal knowledge and part of customer relations.

The Railroad Repository Shuttling Large Files ‘Around’ Plone and Zope
Kit Blake, Infrae

The Railroad Repository project adresses challenges associated with very large files, high performance sites and processor activity, threading, local storage and sharing, and file system
level management.

Phil Auersperg, BlueDynamics

Plone Apps at your fingertips. Learn how to create working Plone Products without typing any line of code. Generate them out directly of UML DIagrams and ensure also to have clear documentation and and architecture.

Plone Desktop
Alan Runyan, Enfold Systems

Presentation of State of the Art Content Management. Learn how Plone integrates fully into Windows Desktop and manipulates workflows, properties and content without using your web browser.

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