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Plone Foundation appoints Xavier Heymans to advisory board

by xavier last modified 2009-12-10 11:47

Xavier Heymans, CEO of Zea Partners, has been appointed to the Plone Foundation's advisory board.


The Plone Foundation Board of Directors has named Xavier Heymans as an Advisory Board Member.

As CEO of Zea Partners, Xavier manages the operations, strategy, and partner relations of this worldwide association of Plone consulting firms. Xavier is also involved with the Plone Foundation's Trademark & IP Committee. Specializing in management and active in open source since 2002, Xavier has an expertise in the organizational challenges facing SMEs to deliver professional solutions based on an open source shared technology.

Xavier is active in promoting the use of Plone in the government sector through the PloneGov project, and will serve as the Plone Foundation's representative to the EU Commission.

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