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Plone Foundation names two Advisory Board members

by xavier last modified 2008-12-09 11:58

In a move to strengthen its action worldwide, the Plone Foundation has set up an advisory board and named its first members. Their role will be to provide advice to the Foundation Board and represents the Foundation in the USA and Latin America.

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Roberto Allende and Joel Burton have been appointed for this mission. Both are Foundation members and have an outstanding track record promoting Plone and as active Community members.

Roberto Allende is a Plone trainer and commercial manager of Menttes, a Plone consulting firm that provides development, support and training in South America and Worldwide. He is a Plone activist, the cofounder of Plone Cono Sur user group, the South American contact for PloneGov and he made contributions to the CommunesPlone project. He was the creator and champion of World Plone Day 2008.

Joel Burton, one of the Plone community's best-known trainers and consultants, is a past president of the Plone Foundation and has served several terms on the board of directors. Joel's historical knowledge of Plone, the Plone Foundation and the Plone community are invaluable.

While the Foundation bylaws have always allowed for advisory board members, this is the first time any have been named by the board.

The Advisory Board members have been chosen for two primary purposes:

  •  To serve as strategic advisors;
  • To give them the ability to represent the Foundation as as community ambassadors in local regions.

Under the Foundation's bylaws, advisory board members are not voting members of the board, and have no official powers beyond the ability to attend board meetings that are not designated for voting members only. They may be appointed or removed at any time. The board has asked Roberto and Joel to serve through the current board term, which ends in October 2009.